ThermoGrip® Shrink Units

 The BILZ ThermoGrip shrink units are in a league of their own. The technology was 
the first to esablish the industries standard with the induction shrinking process.

The fastest, safest & most flexible shrinking process!

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ThermoGrip® Shrink Chucks

Cutting edge performance and increased tool life. Our ThermoGrip design is the industry standard and is the benchmark for the DIN standard geometry. With the long patented counterbore in the mouth of the chuck, the product enjoys the benefit of a safe, cold cutter pre-shrinking tool insertion. Not only this, shrinking even of steel shanks is possible with this feature.

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ThermoGrip® TMG

A revolution in shrink chuck technology. One shrink fit chuck to fit all diameters. The increased benefit over conventional shrinking is that cutters with shank tolerance of up to H9 can be used as standard. The ability to increase gripping forces through the patent applied technology optimises the machining security without a mechanical aid on most applications. 

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S3D Synchro Tapping Chuck

Synchronised tapping for medium to high volume production with patent applied technology, has given this new S3D chuck best-in-class productivity and operational security.

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Nano Synchro

The new Nano synchro chuck enhances rigid tapping applications considerably. Increased tool life, better thread quality and reduced breakages for tapping diameters between 0.5mm to 4mm. 

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Service and Maintenance

We offer a fast and reliable service

Our qualified experts repair defective shrink machines, tapping chucks, drill chucks and many other BILZ products.

  • Fair inspection considering the condition of the tool
  • You decide - after receiving our cost estimate - whether you would prefer repair or replacement of the tool
  • Favourable price for replacement parts through Bilz (contact us) if a repair is no longer possible
  • Fastest possible repair and return to you
  • Let us know any special requests you may have

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